Debit Cards

The Great North Bank provides debit cards through SHAZAM.  Better than a check, the debit card deducts a purchase straight from your account.  The card is readily accepted at any retailer that accepts debit cards.


How to activate your new debit card:

After receiving your new debit card in the mail, you can expect the Personal Identification Number (PIN) to arrive separately between 2 to 3 days after receiving your card for security purposes.  Once both the debit card and PIN are in your possession, simply call the number on the card to activate and you’re ready to use your new debit card!  If you wish to personalize your new PIN, please call the Great North Bank at 715-528-4844 for instructions on how to choose your own numbers. 


Benefits of owning a debit card:debit card mc

  • No need to carry cash or checks
  • Saves you money by reducing the number of checks used
  • Receive cash back from merchant purchases with no fee
  • Make online purchases*
  • Purchases are automatically deducted from your account
  • Easily track your purchases through your banking statements
  • Monitor your purchases for fraud using our SHAZAM BOLT$ app
  • Access your money at our 24/7 ATM’s or at any Shazam Privileged ATMs surcharge FREE

*Online purchases to foreign companies will be denied for security purposes.  

Lost or stolen debit cards:

Please notify the Great North Bank at 715-528-4844 if you suspect your debit card to be lost or stolen. You may also contact SHAZAM at 800-383-8000 after regular business hours. Suspected cards will have a temporary block put on them until the customer is notified. If the transactions in question are confirmed fraud, the card will be closed and a new card will be ordered. 


For your security:

Our debit cards are monitored 24/7 by SHAZAM for fraudulent activity.  What does this mean for you? Purchasing activity that is outside of your normal debit card pattern will be denied until we can verify it is you making these purchases.  This will include out-of-state purchases, repeated swipes at a retailer, and other purchases that lie outside of your normal debit card patterns.  If you would like to use your debit card out of state, simply give us a call so we can put a travel advisory on your debit card.


shazam bolts

Download the free app SHAZAM BOLT$ for increased fraud protection!

SHAZAM BOLT$ provides alerts for: 

  • Purchases exceeding cardholder-defined thresholds
  • Card-not-present purchases (phone & internet)
  • Suspicious or high-risk transactions

SHAZAM BOLT$ can instantly:

  • Send fraud alerts 24/7
  • Locate AMTs, nationwide
  • Provide account balance information

Instant Fraud Protection Control

Gain more control over your accounts. Cardholders will be able to pause their card, without affecting previous transactions, if their card is stolen or goes missing. With the quick tap of a button, this optional feature allows you to block or unblock your own card much like a temporary card block, increasing its security.