About US


A Great History

In 2016 the Bank celebrated its long legacy of 125 years. As we remain committed to providing a better banking experience for our customers as they strive to achieve their own unique milestones–whether starting a business, building a home, sending kids off to college, or putting away for retirement. We thank our friends, our neighbors, our employees, and the communities we serve and we look forward to the future of the Bank and our communities!

Mission Statement

Serving families for generations since 1891 as the Northwoods most Reliable Family-Owned Independent Bank. Providing genuine, effective, and personalized service to help our customers realize their dreams. Experience financial success with Great North Bank.

A Great Legacy

The Great North Bank was born of the same rugged logging and mining character that marked the beginning of our community. Mr. Hiram D. Fisher laid out our town in March of 1880 and within 60 days sold $60,000 worth of land at $100 per lot, $150 per corner lot. He established a Post Office and took charge himself in May of the same year. Through his efforts, Florence County was created in 1882.

On December 29, 1890, a Certificate of Incorporation to Commence the Business of Banking on the First of January, 1891, was signed by Hiram D. Fisher, Edward E. Wilcox, Peter McGovern, Otto Davidsen and Hans Hansen. And so was born The Great North Bank to serve the financial needs of the community and area, which remains our primary objective today.

Family Owned. Proudly Independent.

Today we stand strong. Our facilities are modern and we have embraced technology to offer the most up-to-date financial products and services to our customers.
We are proud to serve the financial needs of the area and to be part of a growing and independent community. We are more than 130 years involved, and we look forward to each year with the same enthusiasm those pioneers had when they chartered our bank.
We are family owned and proudly independent. . . and we are here for you today, and tomorrow!

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