President’s Message

Thomas A. Wittkopf
President & CEO


Here for You Yesterday, Today AND Tomorrow!


Welcome and thank you for visiting our Great North Bank website.  We are a family-owned independent community bank, providing financial services and helping our communities grow since 1891, for the first 125 years under the name, State Bank of Florence.  I’m proud to have followed my father and grandfather as President of the bank and am determined, as they were, to provide a full range of financial products and services with reasonable business practices in a safe, sound and secure environment. 


Our focus has always been on our customers, in building lasting relationships with individuals and small business owners who come to us every day for help in making wise decisions about money.  Our employees and their families live, work, go to school, shop and support the activities and organizations that make our communities stronger.  We respect our friends and neighbors and want them to fulfill their dreams and succeed because if they do, our bank will also continue to succeed and grow.


As we’ve grown, we’ve expanded our market area, embraced technology and enhanced our product offerings to meet the most current needs of our customers.  And, we are committed to providing those products and services with the exceptional service our customers have always deserved and come to expect. 


The beautiful Northwoods is our home!  We appreciate those customers who have chosen to do business with us throughout the years and have put their trust in us.  We hope Great North Bank is the very first bank that comes to mind when you think of great financial services.  We’re here for you, yesterday, today, and tomorrow!

If you have any questions, please contact us. Help and support is just a click away.



Thomas A. Wittkopf
President & CEO

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